My Favorite Night Clubs in DC

After 5 days of hard work, Jack and Jill have to play. This is true everywhere but more so in DC where some of the best action can be seen, heard and enjoyed. Letting off steam may take several forms in the night scene of DC. You may want to dance your stress away while enjoying a drink of your preference or you might just want to chill out at the bars and lounges. Whatever it is that would make you enjoy the weekend before going back to the salt mines, check out my favorite night spots in DC:

Nightclub 9:30

My Favorite Night Clubs in DC

This is actually a place for concerts that has hosted a lot of big names in the music industry. Local bands also share their talent through this venue so expect some great music and, of course, dancing. Forget about flashing lights and thumping music. The scene here is great music to listen and dance to while having your favorite drink. The club has four other bars and their Back Bar’s a popular hangout for people while waiting for the show to start.


Josephine nightclub

If you can get in then prepare yourself to have a great time. This club has fussy bouncers and passing through them would seem like winning the gold. Once inside though, it is worth it. The club has several rooms, all with dance floors that you can dance in and out. Lounging is allowed in their numerous seats but getting a drink at the crowded bar may be a problem. Ordering a bottle may be convenient but the price may be a bit steep.

Little Miss Whiskey’s Golden Dollar

Little Miss Whiskey’s Golden Dollar

Black lights surround the tasteless décor of this place yet give it a distinctive character that has made it one of DC’s most popular bar and dance club. There are two floors to the place, a quieter one meant for conversations in the first and great dancing on the second. Great solid soundproofing separates the two venues so you get a choice whether to talk the night away or sweat it out at the dance floor. Whatever it is, you will certainly have a great time.

Fur Nightclub

fur nightclub

This converted warehouse that has been turned into a club has it all. The dance floor has an area of 12,000 feet that you can rock in. The place comes with a lot of lounging chairs that can make you relax as you watch people do their thing. A special date can be arranged in one of their unseen rooms where it is quieter. Fur Nightclub has bars separated from the dance floors and even a Cigar room for cigar aficionados.

Ibiza Night Club DC

Ibiza Nightclub DC

One of the pioneers of the dance club scene in DC, this gigantic club features the latest light displays and a sound system worth millions. This place is still tops with celebrities so prepare to hobnob with a few of them.

Whatever the mood, the preference, you’re sure to have a capital time from our nation’s capital.

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