My Top 5 Non-American Restaurants in DC

Eating in DC is a bit expensive probably because people have higher paying jobs compared to the other States. If you go to the upscale ones, you get the best food and price to match and that’s fine to add to a gastronomic trip. Being a food adventurer I decided to scout around and try the dishes served at non-American restaurants and see if one can get better eats for less, or if not, experience the cuisine other than what I am used to.  Here is what I could say the 5 non-American restaurants that top my list:

Crane & Turtle

Crane & Turtle Restaurant

The restaurant has no other claim except for its good eats. Place looks like an uprooted Japanese Café but don’t let that dismay you. Their tatakis (ramen that uses pork cheek) smoked over straw would make a believer out of you. Their short rib grilled over charcoal is juicy and succulent. French cuisine is another specialty aside from Japanese and Chef Makoto Hamamura is the jewel of this restaurant.



Korean Tacos is the name of the game for this restaurant. One can get this from the numerous food trucks that ply DC but this one tops it all. Their bo ssam or bolgogi tacos comes drenched with slaw and special sauces. Different varieties of rice bowl dishes are served and all of them taste as fantastic as they look. Another bonus offered by this restaurant is serving drinks like sake, draft beer or soju as perfect complements to their great food.


Tico Restaurant

Spanish cooking at its most authentic cooked to perfection by celebrity chef Michael Schlow. Spicy pomegranate sauces drizzled over manchego cheese fritters will jolt up your taste buds to heaven and back. Mozarella sticks, tacos, mac and cheese, and ceviche will be great foods to match with shots of tequila.

Sauf Haus

Sauf Haus

A typical Bavarian beer garden that serves 16 different German beers! If that alone made you sit up, the food served will tempt you more. Since it’s a Bavarian restaurant, prepare to see and taste all those fantastic sausages that are matchless and the greatest novelty food that they have come up with: 2 lb pretzels.



For a touch of the Mediterranean this restaurant is a must. Their menus feature exotic sounding food like Octopus Santorini, Crispy Brussel Sprouts with Yoghourt Sauce, to name a few. They all taste exquisite by the way. Their best sellers are Octopus Santorini and Bamya. The ambience is sort of a romantic set-up that would be great to bring special dates to. Reservations are a must.

Coming up with these top 5 lists of the best non-American Restaurants in DC was a tough decision for me. I liked a lot of other foreign restaurants as all their food tasted fantastic. These restaurants made it to my list because it included the right ambience (very important), cleanliness, and food presentation. Attractions and added bonus of drinks served with the food gave it a push further to the list.

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